Involved in volunteering activities

I've been developing several volunteer programs and activities, based in scout group in Girona, Catalonia, helping around the world. Trying to improve and create new projects every day of my life. I've been working in the communication field. Travelling and Hiking are being part of my life since I was a kid. I love discover new cultures and regions, being involve from inside

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European Volunteer Service program for a year.


Live in child care for a year


Cultural association of Devils.


Exchange projects with European scout groups.

Devil Dances

The devil's fire and the public

Diables and balls de diables , devil dances, form part of the so-called balls parlats. According to Joan Amades, the first recorded date of one of these "spoken dances" is 1150, when it was performed as an entremés, a humorous interlude at the wedding banquet of Berenguer IV and Peronella of Aragon. But the most extensive and explicit documentary sources are those that tell us about the Corpus Christi processions offering us a recurring theatrical representation of good and evil, usually a fight between angels and demons.

We have information from the 15th century about devils taking part in the Barcelona procession. As time passed. though, this theatrical entremès declined and was forgotten, the opposite to what happened in the Camp de Tarragona, Gran Penedès and Garraf regions.

It was only when democracy arrived and the streets were reclaimed as a festival space that new colles de diables appeared in Barcelona. These devil groups, in contrast to the historical ones that had survived, have moved away from the traditional evolution, under the influence of the correfoc that arose almost spontaneously in Barcelona as a game between the devil, the devil's fire and the public. And one of the more recent features that should be noted in all this evolutionary process is the drive and dynamism the colles infantils have acquired.

The colles de diables are usually organised as non-profit organisations or sections of other associations. The large number of groups in Barcelona is a good indicator of the roots this manifestation of the fire tradition has established and its popularity. They are grouped together in the Coordinadora de Diables de Barcelona and the Federació de Diables de Barcelona. They put on numerous performances because lots of correfocs are organised during the year at the various festes majors. The one everybody looks forward to most is La Mercè.


Scout exchange in Europe

Scouting provides young people with opportunities to participate in programmes, events, activities and projects that contribute to their growth as active citizens. Through these initiatives, young people become agents of positive change who inspire others to take action.

An important part of Scouting is to meet and interact with young people from around the world. World Scouting brings Scouts together through international events, don't miss the upcoming events!

International Workcamp based in Salt, summer 2016.

The workcamp aims to recover the natural surroundings of Ter river basin. We will do the work in collaboration with LIFE Riparia-Ter ( organization that works with flora and natural habitats) and LIFE Potamo-Fauna project (project focused on the preservation of the river fauna).

This international workcamp will consist on doing tasks related to the maintenance, conservation and recovery of the natural habitats and its fauna.

The volunteers will do manual tasks and use traps to capture invasive species. The workcamp aims to track and to know the quality of the river and its natural surroundings.


European Volunteer Service

During my EVS stage in ROMANIA, I had planed, prepared and implemented the following activities:

Studying support activities in a daily centre for children

Outdoor activities promoting teamwork and cooperation between children

Anti-drugs campaign in schools of different grade and in the street

Outdoor activities to promote healthy life style

Intercultural events (Country presentation) in public places of the city, collaborating with local community,

Presentation in high school and public places about European projects and youth mobility

Hand-crafted activities with children and people with mental diseases

English learning activities for children and people with mental diseases

Preparation of the International Christmas market of solidarity” in order to collect toys for children belonging to poor families

Project Photos exhibition in the centre of elders at the last days of the project

Country presentation in a school at the end of the project.


Babysitting abroad

An Au Pair is a young person that wants to experience another culture and learn a new language by living in a foreign country with a Host Family. In exchange for a private room and some pocket money, the Au Pair takes care of tasks related to childcare and easy household chores. They are considered temporary "big brothers or sisters" for the Host Children and will hopefully become a new additional member to the Host Family.

What are the duties of an Au Pair?

The duties of an Au Pair have strictly to do with childcare. The Au Pair lives with a Host Family to experience a cultural exchange and, in return, they help the parents look after the children. They can also help with some light housework, but it is important that the Au Pair's focus remains childcare.

What is the salary of an Au Pair?

The average Au Pair salary varies depending on the host country’s Au Pair program regulation, extra tasks fulfilled by the Au Pair and the number of working hours. The Au Pair’s wage is determined by the Au Pair program conditions and ranges between 200 $ and 900 $

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I hope you enjoy as much as I do. My idea of loving and enjoying our world, through my camera I want to share my best impresion of it. Contact me if you'd like to see farther more. Keep in touch through instagram.