Inund'Art is a cultural platform for the promotion of the creation, production and exhibition of proposals in the field of visual arts and other contemporary artistic disciplines.


Glòria Granell

Escola l'Aixart de Cervia de Ter

Xenia Gasull i els alumes de l'Escola

Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny d'Olot

EMA Escola Municipal d'Art de Girona

Agostina Laurenzano i Germen_arqt

Anabelenjarrin i Nacho Alvarez

Ines Shaikowski

Linette Mensen

Nuria Guinovart

Raquel Bistuer

Tatiana Moes

Marina Canovas (Art per Tot - Illes Balears)

c.l.a.c. (Art per Tot - França)

Marta Rosell Chust (Mencio Especial Jove)

4rt ESO IES Santiago Sobreques Den s Blacker amb alumnes de 3r i 4t d'E /cO INS J. Vicens Vives


Victor Masferrer

Collectif AJit'He

Playmodes Studio

Melina Pena

Alice Baude

Merce Ribera

Col·lectiu RZM C.C

Francesc Serra

Taller Agustina

Gabriel Hernandez

Tate Lucena

Sira Aymerich, Raquel Viñuales i els alumnes

Teatro Cafune

Catia Lopes

La Nave Va

Deriva Mussol


SHÌ - Bright Light (Rocco Deluca cover)



INUND'ART is made up of a group of artists and cultural managers who, around 2006, wanted to exhibit in Girona and create an open and participatory art show, with the idea of ​​bringing art to the streets.

We are active people who every year have left their grain of sand to turn inund'Art into a Festival of reference for the world of contemporary art.