At the heart of the medieval Girona, a unique and warm setting


This small establishment in Girona’s historic centre, is close to the cathedral, Jewish quarter and the university. Number 3 Bellmirall Street is a substantial, well preserved building on three floors. For more than fifty years the Bellmirall has had a unique position in Girona. Central to its philosophy are the maintenance the architectural integrity of its building and its standards of cleanliness. Decoration and restoration reflect this too with paintings by Isidre Vicens adding to its unique charm. Guests enjoy access from the reception area / breakfast room to the patio belonging to number 5. Passers-by peep into this patio as they wander around the enchanting old streets at the heart of Girona. The Bellmirall has welcomed artists, intellectuals, families, couples, and people travelling alone, all sorts of people from every corner of the world who have found an oasis of calm in this unique place.