Guillem Tarrés


Last travel  in Roraima. One of the most incredible National Park I've ever seen.

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Recording from any other point of view, check the audiovisuals projects that I've been part of.  Check the different types of visual projects. 

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How far away could you fly? Slovenia has many touristic places to see and nature is the main reasons to go there! 

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I'm always moving on for volunteer programs and developing news projects for children. I'm glad to share in this website all the volunteer programs and games that I've done. 

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Hi! I'm Guillem.

Take a look at my travel routes, visual projects and volunteer opportunities.

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Graduated as an audiovisual and multimedia technician in 2016 at ERAM, University of Girona. Since 2011 I have worked in Tactic Sport company as a project manager for communication and marketing. I have also managed volunteer projects for Minyons Escoltes i Guies, Cocat and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

I created shows and parties as a visual technician in the village of Salt. Furthermore I worked as a technician in the Girona Mapping Festival. In the recent years I managed several European projects in Catalonia, Serbia, Portugal and Romania where I have communicated projects for children at risk of social exclusion. 

In San Francisco (USA), Mérida (MEXICO) and Bogotá (COLOMBIA) I created workshops in bilingual private schools. In 2019 I lived in the United States and Latin America where I have developed promotional projects.

I'm sharing all my best pics. 

I hope you enjoy as much as I do. My idea of loving and enjoying our world, through my camera I want to share my best impresion of it. Contact me if you'd like to see farther more. Keep in touch through  instagram.